Larson Davis core competencies include sound level meters; human vibration meters;  dosimeters; calibrators;  audiometric calibration systems;  microphones and accessories;  software products; and acoustic test systems. Larson Davis products are used for audiometer calibration; building acoustics, environmental noise and community noise monitoring; industrial hygiene, worker hearing conservation, and hand-arm, whole body and general vibration measurement.
SoundAdvisor Model 831C
Human Vibration Meter HVM200
Audiometric Calibration Model AudCal
1 ” Mic Class 1 Calibrator CAL250
SoundExpert Model LXT
SoundAdvisor Model NMS-SE-831C
Acoustic Couplers & Ear Simulators
1/2 ” Mic Class 1 Calibrator CAL200
SoundExpert Model 821
Spartan Model 821
Spartan 730 Noise Dosimeter
Spartan 730IS Noise Dosimeter